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Lawn Care During Winter



Lawn care is important if you want to keep it healthy and good looking. One thing you need to remember; lawns will not be able to thrive well without proper care. Winter, however, is an especially quiet time for gardening and taking care of your lawn. Still, you need to do a few things to ensure that your greens will be ready to bloom once spring arrives.


Rest Your Lawn


During winter choose to rest your lawn. As much as possible, avoid stepping on your grass during the cold season because they can get injured easily. Damage may not be repaired as much because of the cold weather. To ensure you lawn recovers beautifully once spring comes, encourage your family to avoid stepping on the grass during winter. In short, avoid excessive traffic on your lawn during the cold months. Keep sidewalks clear of ice to encourage family members and neighbors not to cross the yard. In addition, do not allow anyone to park their vehicles on your lawn.


Mow Strategically


During the last month of summer just before the leaves start to fall, make sure to lower the cutting base of your lawn mower. This means cutting your grass shorter and shorter to ensure that it is well kept until winter arrives. Leaving your lawn grass too tall will make it vulnerable to critter attacks since mice, moles, and other burrowing animals may use it for shelter from the cold.


Clean Up


It is easy for items like trash and leaves to be left on the lawn during cold winters. Things such as a stray log, toys, and lawn furniture may be taken for granted as snow starts to fall. Professional boise lawn care service providers suggest that you clear the lawn of different objects after you mow it for the last time during the year. In addition, you should sweep the lawn occasionally very two weeks during winter. When objects are left on the grass during the cold winter and while there is snow, it may create a huge dead spot due to the weight of the object. Once spring arrives, the grass in that area may be stunted and thinner the rest of your yard making it look uneven.


Winter lawn care may be a little more challenging but it is a recommended course if you want to achieve a beautiful lawn once spring comes. The tips shared in this article will help you achieve a great looking and healthy lawn all year round.